Top Office Fitout Trends 2021

Office interiors and office fitouts are undergoing a major transformation in 2021.

With the office landscape changing rapidly, companies will need to adapt to these changes or face extinction. The office of today is technologically advanced with more open office plans, high-tech furniture designs such as modular workstations and open office desks, extensive use of glass for transparency and collaboration, higher ceilings for better air quality and design aesthetics.

The office of the future will be more flexible and adaptable to changes in office layout, furniture designs that can fit into any corner or design aesthetic. The office environment has changed rapidly over the last few years and we expect this trend to continue for at least another five years.

Top Office Interior and Office Fitout Trends:

– glass office buildings with higher ceilings

– increased use of glass doors and walls

– extensive use of recycled materials such as bamboo flooring instead of carpet

– modular workstations which allow companies to easily reconfigure their space according to the needs arising from dynamic workplaces

– increasing number of collaborative workspaces with open office layouts where employees are encouraged not just for business but also social interaction among staff

office fitouts to be more innovative and creative with the use of art, lighting, furniture design in order to make office spaces aesthetically pleasing.

A focus on health in the workplace

Natural lighting will be more common in office fitout trends beyond 2021. Having natural light enter the office space will increase productivity and the overall wellbeing of employees.

Focusing on making workplaces healthier places to work will have a direct impact on the productivity of employees, which is why office fitouts are increasingly being designed with environmental sustainability in mind.

An increasing number of office fitouts will incorporate indoor gardens and vertical farming. This is an office fitout trend that was once confined to fit outs in Japan, but has now made its way around the world as an option for office fitouts. Having natural light enter the space while also highlighting sustainable design practices makes this fitout trend one we should see more of in the future.

Increase in collaboration areas 

The modern office is a place where many people spend their working hours, and as such it needs to be an environment that inspires creativity and productivity. Technology is the key for this; we now require more collaboration and spaces that fit with our mobile work styles. Collaborative areas are becoming a central part of office design, as employees seek out places to connect and communicate. As such several new trends will make their way into 2021:

– Open plan designs (including pods) – A growing desire for collaboration will see a rise in open plan areas with pods for group meetings. These work well as part of the design process and fit nicely into modern office fitouts

– High tech furniture – Technology is playing an increasingly important role within offices, which means that it must be more seamlessly integrated into every aspect of our working lives. This includes how we work, and fitouts will respond to this by becoming more high-tech.

– Technology in the meeting room – These days, meetings are often held online or through video conferencing; however there is still a need for an area that combines technology with furniture design. As such, office fitouts will become smarter as they integrate both these elements well.

– Transparent furniture – In an open plan office fitout, there is a temptation to make the walls see through. This allows for transparency and can also help break down barriers between different teams or departments. It creates a collaborative environment that encourages employees to work together without hindrance from physical boundaries.

– Neutral colours – White has been popular for a few years now, but it is beginning to lose its lustre as fitouts move towards more neutral palettes. In addition, they will be lighter and brighter than before.

– A new take on open plan – As we mentioned above, collaboration spaces are becoming increasingly important in modern office fitout design. This means that employees want them to be fitout in a way that facilitates the type of work they do, which is why fitouts will become more open plan.

Think Sustainability with your Office Fitout Projects

More sustainable materials are being used in office interiors and fitouts. At Sydney Fitout Group, we’re beginning to see the financial benefits of using sustainable materials. This is because more businesses are focusing on maintaining a healthy work environment for employees by providing them with an aesthetically pleasing space that ensures minimal distractions. Additionally, it’s becoming increasingly important to consider sustainability when choosing building materials, as companies are becoming more aware of the environmental and social effects that building materials can produce.

More sustainable office interiors will mean buildings having a reduced impact on human health and natural resources, improved indoor air quality and lower energy consumption.

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