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The office fitout process is not a task to be taken lightly. It will take time, money and patience before the office is ready for the staff to occupy. The office design should cater for all aspects of office life from aesthetics to functionality. There are many different considerations when it comes to office fitouts in Sydney – here are some tips on how you can make sure your project runs smoothly.

Office ergonomics

Should be considered first as this affects productivity, morale and health amongst employees who work within it every day. Choose furniture that encourages movement throughout the office rather than just sitting statically at desks or around tables all day long. Meeting rooms should also have flexible layouts that include breakout areas and impromptu meeting spaces to encourage staff members to regularly interact.

Office space in Sydney

Should also be flexible enough to accommodate the office fit-out process itself as there will likely be periods where some employees may need to work from home or outside of office hours, such as installing new office furniture. Ensure that office layouts are functional for several different scenarios so you don’t have wasted floor space during an office relocation project .

Space planning

It is crucial when it comes to moving into a brand new office design – particularly if your business has grown rapidly in recent years. Consider how this expansion affects current offices and ensure they can easily transition into larger ones without sacrificing functionality along the way. Do not neglect needs just because more desks have been added – office fitouts should not be at the expense of employees.

Colour schemes and office decor

Both are also important when it comes to office design and choosing colours that will help staff members feel comfortable during their working day is an essential step toward a productive office environment . However, even if you don’t want your office to look like every other boring office space out there, re-painting walls may not always be practical or affordable so instead opt for bright accent pieces such as chairs or artwork.

Office layouts

Office layouts can vary depending on company size but do consider how different departments interact with each other since this affects overall communication efforts within the business. If necessary, break up large open-plan areas into smaller ones where people from different teams are more likely to interact with each other.

At the Sydney Fitout Group, we manage the project carefully from start to finish. We ensure there will be no issues with staff members struggling to adjust or finding themselves bombarded by distractions instead of working productively.

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Commercial office 

Renovations can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. If you take the time to plan your commercial office fitout in Sydney properly then even someone with little experience can do it well. Here are some tips on how you should go about planning an office renovation from start to finish:

Commercial Space Planning

This will come before anything else and is more important than any other step because if not done right nothing after this will matter at all! Your commercial space planner must understand your needs before they try designing or renovating for you otherwise results won’t meet expectations.

Commercial Design & Layout

Once everything has been agreed upon between both parties involved in commercial office fitout solutions, a design layout of what is going where inside the commercial space will be made.

Commercial Material Selection

This is extremely important because the wrong choice of materials can make or break your commercial office fit-out in Sydney . Make sure you select high quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing material for every aspect of commercial renovations to ensure durability.  Remember that more expensive doesn’t always mean better; just ask questions about different types of materials before deciding upon one!

Commercial Colour Scheme & Furniture selection

Discuss with your interior designer how things are going to look like inside after everything has been done. If you have a budget then stick t o it as much as possible but if not then there is no need to spend unnecessary money on fancy looking furniture when ones would work just fine too!

Delivery & Installation

Commercial renovations are not just about demolishing the place and starting over again. A commercial fit-out is all about fitting out an existing commercial space with new furniture, equipment, decoration etc. to make it look like a completely different office altogether. Don’t forget to select your commercial fit-out removalists too or we can simply manage it for you!


Coordination between everyone involved in commercial renovation is key because even if you have the best design layout the end result will be unsatisfactory if something isn’t installed exactly where it was meant to go or if someone decides that they don’t need certain things anymore which leaves gaps for others later down the line.  Don’t rush this step as it might cause more problems than you would want to deal with later on!


Handover is the last step and probably one of the most important ones too. Make sure everything has been installed as per your commercial space planner’s design layout before final handover or else you will be left in a complete mess for months because commercial fitout cannot happen if some things are missing, misplaced etc. Avoid all these problems by taking proper care during each and every step mentioned above carefully.  Don’t rush through anything since it might lead to delayed commercial renovations which can cause more harm than good in long run!

Not sure where to begin? Our office fit-out experts can help you every step of the way – just contact us today for more information on how we can provide expert advice before starting any office renovation projects!

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