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Employees are more productive when they are able to feel relaxed, at ease and confident in the environment that they are working in. A comfortable workplace is one with lighting, audio, and visual signage which will create a cohesive environment throughout the company. It’s important to consider all of these aspects when designing your office space!

In this blog post, we’ll cover the three most important elements to create a comfortable workplace through lighting, audio and visual signage.

Office Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important components for creating a productive and comfortable environment in an office. The right amount of light can help increase productivity and concentration levels. The main aspects to look for when choosing the right office lighting are:

– Brightness and color temperature

– Light intensity or lux level

– Dimming capabilities

– Color rendering index (CRI)

– Energy efficiency

– LED office lighting is a good option for many offices to meet all of these criteria.

There are many options when it comes to office lighting solutions. Some office lighting can be integrated into the ceiling, while others are wall mounted. There’s also options for direct office lights that help create task-oriented areas in an office space.

No matter what your taste is or how big (or small) your office space may be, Sydney Fitout Group have a number of office lighting installation solutions to suit your needs.

office lightning installations

Office Lighting

Audio and Visual Solutions

Office Audio Visual Solutions

Audio and Visual Solutions

Audio visual solutions are also critical for communicating with staff members at all levels as well as providing information to visitors who come into your office building or facility.

Our office audio visual solutions encompass all your communication needs. It’s important to choose an AV system that can fit perfectly in any size space. Here are some examples of audio and visual solutions we can assist with;

– Video conferencing systems

– Conference room control solutions

– Digital signage for office spaces

– Wireless intercoms and paging systems

The main aspects to look for when choosing office audio visual solutions are:

– Flexibility of use

– Connectivity options (wired or wireless)

– Ease of installation and maintenance

We can help you design your office audio visual solution to fit the exact specifications of your office. With our experience, we know what works best in different sized office environments so that it’s functional as well as aesthetically pleasing!

Visual Office Signage

Visual office signage such as wayfinding graphics will ensure that visitors know where they need to go within your office space which will result in better customer service experiences overall!

Office Signage in your space can help connect all employees and create a cohesive environment throughout the company. High quality, clear visual communication is important for every workplace. There are many options when it comes to office signage including pedestal mounted signs, wall graphics and floor decals.

The main aspects to look for when choosing office signage are:

– Durability of materials

– Long lasting adhesive backing

– Ability to withstand harsh cleaning chemicals

– Ease of installation

– Flexibility in design

Once you have chosen the office signage that best fits your needs, it’s important to ensure that employees can easily see and understand what is being communicated. Place your signs strategically on walls and near doorways so as not to interfere with daily operations. Also, we recommend looking for high contrast colors such as black on yellow or white on green.

The use of digital screens is also a modern twist on how signage can be presented in your workplace. Digital signage can be used to communicate general information, share important deadlines or display announcements. This technology is great for saving time and money by allowing employees to receive the necessary updates all in one place without having to go searching for this information elsewhere.

Having office signage that provides clear communication will create a comfortable workplace with easier navigation throughout your building!

Visual Signage

Visual Office Signage & Graphics

If you have any questions about the aesthetics in your office, the office fitout experts at Sydney Fitout Group are on hand to assist. Please contact us here or call us on 1300 887 375.

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